Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Kathryn Knowles

Diary of an adviser: Kathryn Knowles

This week sees this busy mum-of-two advising specialist clients before taking some time for parenting duties and honing in on fitness.


The first thing today is the school run. Once I am at work, I plan my case study for this week's CuraVision video and figure out my diary for contacting clients and insurers over the next few days.

The first client I chat to has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, three young kids and is the main breadwinner – but has no protection. I speak to some insurers and set up a recommendation for life insurance and family income benefit.

This case will be tricky, because they have lived outside the UK for the past few years and the medical reports will not be available at the UK GP for some time.

We set up an appointment to discuss income protection options next week.

In my lunch break I see a personal trainer for strength training and tai chi.

I get the boys from school, do dinner, homework, cuddles and bed. Once the kids are asleep, I write my website content.


A client calls in, wanting to go ahead with life insurance I recommended for mortgage protection.

They have a high body mass index (bmi), bipolar disorder and previously had suicide attempts. We discuss options for specialist critical illness and income protection.

Once school closes, mummy duties kick in. After bedtime is done, I am onto social networking.


I get into work and call my client, a wildlife documentary photographer. They do ice climbing, open water diving, caving, potholing and flying.

They cannot say where they will travel in the next two years as it will be every continent for months at a time. I have good news for them, as I have arranged relevant life insurance.

I speak with an introducer, who has a client that had cancer and was declined cover. I explain our high-risk referral scheme and what we can do for the client. 

Post-school routine, the kids are asleep, so I do some project management.


I start my morning with Zumba in the lounge. I feel a bit of a twit, but I love it.

Today is not going to be a good day. I have to ring my client and tell them they cannot have life insurance on the standard market. 

They were physically abused by their parent throughout childhood, causing significant spinal damage.

They are in a wheelchair and have been given the diagnosis of functional neurological disorder.

No standard insurer will even look at the application; in some ways I understand, but it sucks. The client has five kids and all they want is to have protection in place so that if they die, their kids will be financially secure.

The phone call was hard. I recommend a specialist insurer we can go to, but the price is high.