Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Roger Kennedy

Diary of an adviser: Roger Kennedy

This financial planner has a week full of meetings, but after a month of remote working he puts some time aside to see his family


It is the first day back after our remote working month, and the first day for everyone in our new offices. We started off with our weekly Monday morning team meeting – reviewing what we achieved last week and identifying the key objectives for the next.

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Our IT support came to ensure the team’s new Office 365 software was working correctly, and thankfully there were only minor issues to sort out.

Having updated my to-do list and planned my key tasks for the week, I dealt with some client emails and phone calls, and prepared, with the paraplanners, for this week’s client meetings.


Today I have followed up with three new clients I had met in June. They are all at the early stages in our ‘Your Plan Design’ process – this is when a new client comes on board and we begin to design their plan using forecasts and models. I set up appointments with them all for the next few weeks.

I had a meeting with a new prospect who had been referred to us by an existing client. We call this the initial/discovery meeting .

The prospect had recently sold their business but was staying on for two years and then intends to retire at age 56. It was interesting to hear about his objectives and travel plans.

We finished up the meeting with an agreement to proceed with our Your Plan process.

Tuesday is my long day, as I always meet my mum for tea, and then head back to catch up on some tasks, without any interruption.

I typed up notes from the earlier meeting and started the internal workflow for the paraplanners to commence data gathering.

We have a six-monthly compliance audit next week, so I have spent some time reviewing the topics they want to cover, and planning topics we want to cover with them.


I work remotely on a Wednesday morning to focus on strategic issues within the business. Today is the first day of our new business year and I am writing our 2018 to 2019 business plan. We have a one, three and 10-year vision and this is a good time to reflect on what we have achieved.


It is a busy day with client meetings. This means it will be a mixture of annual planning meetings with existing clients and a meeting with a client who had just finished his ‘design’ process.

Using Voyant financial planning platform, it indicated to him how much he had to invest, and what rate of return he needed to ensure he could meet his life’s objectives.


I have a number of internal meetings today; firstly with my colleague James to review a client’s Voyant account ahead of a meeting next week.