Diary of an adviser 

Diary of an adviser: Tim Morris

Diary of an adviser: Tim Morris

Back from holidays  in sunny Spain, this adviser is ready to pick up where he left off – pursuing his passion of spending time with his actual and potential clients  


I have taken a midday flight to Gatwick, back from sunny Spain where I enjoyed a stay in a villa belonging to a client. The steep drop in temperature from 36C to 17C in the UK certainly helped me to snap out of holiday mode.

Following the holidays snaps/updates on Instagram/Facebook, it is time to get back to the work Twitter updates and find out what is happening in the financial/wider world.

Then it is catching up with non-urgent emails from while I was away. It is difficult to switch off fully, yet in the interest of my relationship (and sanity) it is important to take some proper time out.


It is back to the office with a bang. There are still plenty of tourists in Victoria. It makes me envious to see them all still enjoying their holidays - not that I have the holiday blues or anything.

At least I did not until the rain started and I am questioning why I complained about the heat a few days earlier.

Next on the to-do list is ensuring the diary is up to speed. I like to have at least two client review meetings in the diary each week for existing clients.

I am passionate about keeping my clients informed and my favourite part of the job is spending time with people.

I also enjoy meeting those who are unsure if they need a financial adviser, or just do not have one yet.


Today I had to put aside time to finalise the paperwork for a complex trust case that landed on the doorstep.

I certainly do not miss paper applications, yet at times, they can still be a necessary evil.

I am also starting to think a full-time administrator would be beneficial - not just for me, but to free up more time to focus on clients’ financial planning needs.


Time to venture to the Surrey office. I like to make the 90-plus minute train journey as productive as possible.

A stop off along the way for a quick coffee chat with a provider proves productive. It is rare I meet them face-to-face, yet they are able to provide some invaluable guidance which would’ve proven very tricky without them – and my iPad – present.

On arriving in leafy Surrey, despite the expansion of the bookkeeping firm who share the office, it is good to see I still have a desk. There is always plenty of people round so never a dull moment.


Today starts with an informal coffee meeting with a potential new client at the local Ivy café.

I am always happy to treat them to a coffee and have been helping this particular person out with a bit of guidance.