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New CISI syllabus to be ready for Q4

New CISI syllabus to be ready for Q4

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI) has said its new certified financial planner exam syllabus will be ready for the fourth quarter next year.

Last year the CISI admitted the route towards CFP was not "fit for purpose", saying the syllabus was being completely redrawn.

Speaking at the CISI's financial planning conference, Jacqueline Lockie, the body's head of financial planning, said: "There has been a huge amount going on behind the scenes to straighten out the CFP.

"We have five-day training courses and we are also bringing back the integrated financial planning course. We are also building our content and other assessments to help you become better financial planners for those people who want to go on to get the CPF qualification.

"By quarter four next year the new CFP assessments will be out and there will be full support in place for those looking to take on the assessments."

The changes to the CFP syllabus were brought about by the fact the UK had the lowest pass rate of any country taking the qualification.

Martin Ruskin, chairman of the financial planning forum committee, said the number of CFPs had fallen recently.

He said: "CFP numbers have gone down. Some people have retired, some have left the profession.

"Have we achieved what we set out to achieve? The bottom line is no. But the bottom line is also I am still here. I still believe."

In 2016 the institute had said it had seen twice the flow of candidates applying for and taking the certified financial planner qualification compared with the year before.

That year saw the launch and Financial Conduct Authority approval of the institute’s level four financial planning and advice module, allowing a newcomer to the profession to follow a pathway to certified financial planner status in just three years using CISI exams alone.

Ms Lockie also announced that the CISI would be introducing a mentoring scheme to allow CFP accredited advisers to help those new to the profession.

She said: "I am asking that some or all of our certified financial planners get involved. We want to mentor the next generation of financial planners."