Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Mark Rogers

Diary of an Adviser: Mark Rogers

Talking to clients, chairing meetings and rehearsing with the Mark D Rogers Band make for a well-rounded week 


I arrive in the office at 7.30am. I process the weekend’s emails for an hour or so before having a team meeting to discuss progress on clients, any issues and important matters for the next week.

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A long-standing client comes in to discuss an unexpected life-changing inheritance he and his wife have just received. We had constructed their financial plan and they were completely secure for the rest of their lives without the inheritance. 

However, we amend the plan to upgrade their lifestyle choices following this inheritance. In the afternoon I chair the Succession National Charity Committee meeting to discuss the super raffle and the Charity Golf Tournament we are organising.


I have an annual planning meeting with long-standing clients to discuss their ongoing requirements. We agree to change some investments to a more low-cost solution due to disappointing performance.

At lunch, I attend the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment Birmingham West Midlands committee meeting. I am vice-president and am becoming president next January.  

We discuss how we can support school leavers and graduates coming into the financial services sector. 

In the afternoon, I have a conference call with a final salary client to discuss issues concerning the proposed winding up of his scheme. In the evening I chair the Cellar Club meeting at Adam’s Restaurant in Birmingham: 18 financial planners attend to hear Jeff Prestridge of The Mail on Sunday talk about financial planning, Brexit and consumer issues.


I get up early to go to the gym with my sadistic personal trainer before heading to the office for 10am to talk to a small, self-administered scheme client. Discussing clients’ plans for the future is a regular part of my week – today I look at potentially investing spare money sitting in the trustee’s bank account. In the afternoon I present the cash flows to new clients and advise them on the investment.

In the evening, the Mark D Rogers Band rehearse in anticipation of the launch party for the release of our new album Animal Farm. It is a joy playing with such magnificently professional musicians. It also helps the stress levels.


I have an annual planning meeting with another client who is a business owner. His overall financial plan is dependent on him selling the company, but everything is on track. We have capitalised money out of the business into his Sipp for now but are concentrating on his wife’s investments as she is a director and shareholder. In the evening I attend the Jasper Carrott Stand Up and Rock Tour at Kilworth House in Leicestershire – a fantastically funny and entertaining event at a superb venue. It is also an excellent occasion for entertaining clients.