Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Claire Markham

Diary of an adviser: Claire Markham

Zipwires, PiYo and company rebranding are all in a week's work for an experienced financial planner.


It is back to work after a great week off in Wales. I survived Europe’s fastest zipwire and show everyone the video from my headcam. 

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As part of our success in attaining chartered status we are rebranding the business, so the morning is spent reviewing our new website and discussing a new client login area with the designer. We have taken some time to consider company values and our client experience and we discuss how this can be represented online.

We also want to show that financial planning is anything but boring.

In the afternoon I hold a virtual meeting with a client to discuss his financial forecast and we look at the impact on his lifestyle if he retires in two years’ time, age 56. Introducing online meeting software has made it possible to have these discussions remotely while still being able to show him the impact.

He provides some great feedback on the use of the software and the cash flow modelling tool as well. We love it when clients really get involved in the process and help us to develop it further.

In the evening I meet my fellow trustees of a local community group to discuss the community garden project we are working on, having acquired some funding from the Lincolnshire Co-op.


The morning is spent out of the office with clients and their solicitor discussing how to benefit from years of hard work building up their business, as well as discussing, in detail, succession planning.

The newest member of our team, Cole Mills, has his three-month review in the afternoon. This is a great opportunity to find out how he feels he has settled into a well-established team here at FM Manning.

His views on the use of technology and connecting with younger people are very useful, particularly as we have been doing a number of things the same way for many years and have been stuck in the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mindset.

Every Tuesday evening is spent at a local PiYo class. A good workout is a great time to switch off from the world and after a week off; it is just what the doctor ordered.


Another day, another client. This time it is a gentleman who is finishing work in a few weeks’ time and has got lost in the jargon of pensions and retirement. We discuss the options available to him and his plans for retirement.

The rest of the day is spent preparing for upcoming annual reviews.