Adviser launches retirement planning podcast

Adviser launches retirement planning podcast

A financial planner has launched a podcast to educate people about retirement planning.

Run by Christchurch-based MFP Wealth Management, the Retirement Cafe Podcast will be broadcast once a week offering interviews and guidance on issues such as retirement and will planning.

It will launch tomorrow (November 27) with an interview about inheritance tax planning with Kurt Lee, partner at law firm Lester Aldridge. 

Host Justin King, a chartered financial planner and Solla accredited later life adviser, said: "Retirement life represents a huge opportunity to grow as you are freed from the ties of work. 

"In my experience, with this new-found freedom can come a lot of fear. Fear of the unknown, of what lies ahead, of the person you will become and the challenges that ageing brings. The Retirement Café podcast aims to help people feel more informed and confident about all aspects of their retirement."

The podcast follows on the heels of a series of Retirement Café events launched by Mr King 18 months ago, which brought together experts on retirement-related topics such as dementia, power of attorney, retirement planning, and funding care.

A first episode explaining the format of the podcast is already available on the adviser's website, theretirementcafe.co.uk

Mr Lee said: "Many people in the ‘baby boom’ generation are now in retirement or fast approaching it but have adapted well to the use of new technologies to receive information on demand at a time that suits them in their busy lives.

"Taking part in podcasts with Justin King allows him, and me, to communicate important messages to a much wider audience than can attend a presentation on a fixed day at a fixed time."

The lawyer conceded the podcast presented a marketing opportunity for his firm but he added: "Notwithstanding this, the content and information given in the podcast is useful for all those listening. Tax law in this country is so complex, I believe most people will struggle to understand it. I hope the podcasts can break down the information in way that is more easily understood by a wider audience."