What FT readers want from a financial adviser

Top 10 things FTMoney readers want to talk to advisers about:

1) Pensions and retirement planning
2) Tax planning
3) Brexit
4) Inheritance tax planning
5) Financial planning
6) Investment returns and dividends
7) Portfolio review and diversification
8) Global politics and likelihood of a market crash
9) Pensions drawdown
10) Pensions transfer

Top 10 things advisers are asked about by clients

1) Pensions and retirement planning
2) Brexit
3) Tax planning
4) Fees
5) Recent market volatility concerns
6) Investment returns and growth
7) "Am I doing the right thing?"
8) Financial planning
9) Inheritance tax
10) Risk mitigation and capital preservation

Claer Barrett is the FT's Personal Finance Editor

claer.barrett@ft.com Twitter: @claerb