Diary of an adviser 

Diary of an Adviser: Chris Knight

Diary of an Adviser: Chris Knight

The search for new clients continues and a look ahead to 2019 is on the cards for this week's busy adviser.


The annoying tone of my 6am alarm wakes me up and off to the gym I go.

I arrive at the office for a catch-up with the team, drop in last week’s paperwork and run though forthcoming review and new client meetings.

I spend the afternoon catching up on emails, running through paperwork and client phone calls.


I am up in London today attending a seminar on tax-efficient investing. It is not only a chance to obtain some vital CPD [continuing professional development], but also to refresh my knowledge and technical understanding of products are available in the marketplace. 

After the seminar I catch up with an old colleague over lunch. We discuss the pitfalls of our industry. We would like to be able to provide financial advice to more people. 

I then head off to a review meeting with a client to update his cash flow plan and run through the performance of his portfolio, some of which is invested in our own Beaufort discretionary fund manager.

He is pleased with the investment returns and the various retirement scenarios we have modelled for him. 

We leave this meeting with a clearer understanding of his plans for retirement. In the afternoon, I run through my reports and cash flows to ensure they are all up to date and book up my review meetings well ahead of schedule.


The morning starts with a 5km run, before meeting an existing client to discuss his tax situation and to talk through investments.

He is not making use of all his tax allowances. We agree on a strategy to even out his portfolios and establish a trust, which has been on his mind since the arrival of his first grandchild. 

After this, I drop the paperwork into the office along with the cheques, before heading to Henley, not far from our office, to meet a solicitor who introduces clients to us in the evening. The firm has moved into new offices and so it is a good chance to build on our professional relationship.


I have a 9am client sign-up meeting with a lovely lady who has embarked on a new business venture after being employed for 15 years. She wants to discuss pension planning and is keen to explore her options for ethical investments. 

She is passionate about sustainability and this is something she is very keen to promote and invest in. Having left the client happy with my proposed solution and plan, I head off to my next meeting of the day with a new ‘introducing’ solicitor.

There are a number of solicitors who partner with us. They want to make sure their clients receive an ‘all-round’ approach to inheritance planning and some solid advice on pensions. The meeting goes very well.