Playboy financial adviser jailed for £4.5m fraud

"He has taken £450,000 from myself, my partner, my parents and my other best friend. We have all worked hard all our lives to accumulate that money and it was our future security.

"He then blew the lot on prostitutes, escorts and expensive holidays. I do not want to know or see him ever again and hope he gets the maximum sentence possible while we try to pick up the pieces and plan for our uncertain future."

Another victim, who also wished to remain anonymous, said: "It goes without saying that I wish I had never met Bartlett, except that I now know that no one, no matter how well you think you know them, no matter what their supposed field of expertise, can be trusted when it comes to money.

"No one was too vulnerable, no matter how old, no matter how wealthy, no matter how well he knew you, Bartlett would take your money. No matter what questions you had, he schmoozed you with his charm, baffled you with his purported insider knowledge of the tricks of the trade.

"He encouraged you to persuade your friends and family to invest with him, enticing you with promises of commission. He has no conscience, he is morally devoid. I have witnessed and previously commented on his chameleon like nature even before we became aware of his duplicitous criminal behaviour. If he is showing signs of remorse, take it from me, it is an act."