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Dynamic Planner promises slicker service

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Dynamic Planner promises slicker service

Dynamic Planner has announced two partnerships to improve its service to advisers.

The company has entered into a partnership with MSCI to create 10 indices based on Dynamic Planner's risk rated portfolios and it has agreed to integrate even further with Intelliflo's Intelligent Office software.

Ben Goss, founder and chief executive of Dynamic Planner, said the integration with IO would allow for a "much slicker" movement of data between the two platforms.

He said: "This is just the beginning. We can see all sorts of opportunities for this collaboration."

Nick Eatock, executive chairman of Intelliflo, said: "This highlights how, in my view, software companies in the UK have grown up. This is not about competition, it is about collaboration."

Mr Goss said the partnership with MSCI, which would see indices launched in the second quarter of the year, followed adviser demand for better benchmarks for portfolios.

Steven Kowal, executive director at MSCI, said: "There is a lack of proper benchmarks for how wealth portfolios are managed.

"Peer groups and sector averages suffer from a couple of shortcomings. They are not investable and they are not always representative of what you are trying to do for your clients.

"I think this collaboration with Dynamic Planner is a gamechanger."