Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Kris Amliwala

Diary of an adviser: Kris Amliwala


The week starts with an increased focus on outputs; I am looking forward to completing a number of tasks to help get ahead as next week I will be in Marrakesh celebrating my 28th birthday.

I spend my afternoon cash flow planning. I prefer to do this live with clients to help ensure our discussions are collaborative and to help develop a long-term, team-based working relationship.

The day is rounded off with some time on the treadmill.

On the theme of being active, I try to use my standing desk as much as possible.


Today started with being video recorded – I was asked to provide my thoughts around career development support and my experience of progressing through the Openwork Academy programme after I achieved chartered financial planner status last month.

The afternoon is filled with annual compliance refresher tests for General Data Protection Regulation and financial crime to help ensure my knowledge is current and accurate. I also complete some pre-course work ahead of a trip to Swindon later this month.

I finish off the day with some downtime in the gym.


Today's focus is on submitting various income and life cover protection provisions for a number of different clients. It is pleasing that our clients see the value in protection and follow through with the recommendations.

As a registered life planner, helping clients to live meaningful lives, as they define it, is what brings me real joy. Sometimes, it is the small steps of progress that help towards the final destination.


I chair a weekly meeting in the morning with some of the key members of the team, where we discuss various business factors to help improve our 'client journey'.

After a catch-up on our Designer Wealth Management fantasy football league, we start by sharing any new topics that have arisen during the week, before drilling down into the detail of one or two areas that we would like to address further.

We have found value in taking time to continually work 'on' the business in addition to working 'in' the business.

I have an afternoon meeting with a new client. We continued our previous discussions and agreed to proceed with a recommendation that included income, critical illness and life cover applications to help create a financial safety net.

Later, I finish the trust deeds and forward them alongside the applications.


After actioning a recommendation for a client to access part of his Isa, the remaining part of the morning is spent preparing for annual forward-planning meetings.

After a short commute to the office, I find there are a selection of doughnuts, cookies and chocolates among the treats to share – we tend to celebrate on a day that ends with the letter Y.

The afternoon is spent referring a few client cases to our preferred outsourced pre-planning company to create suitability reports for presentation meetings for when I return to the office.