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Iress launches XPlan upgrade to save advisers' time

Iress launches XPlan upgrade to save advisers' time

Financial technology company Iress has launched an upgrade to its XPlan software which, it says, will allow advisers to automate and scale their advice process.

The company has said advisers could see time savings of up to 60 per cent if they use XPlan Prime, which is being launched in the UK.

Iress also said it will allow advisers to provide simplified advice over the internet to clients who it might not be economical to provide advice to currently, while also helping advisers offer face-to-face advice to their higher-value clients.

Mark Loosmore, general executive manager for wealth at Iress, said: "Some advised clients simply require goal-based financial planning, regular communication and guided advice, while for others a full holistic advice proposition is more appropriate. Many will require a mix of both approaches at different stages of their life.

"Advisers and financial institutions are seeking greater flexibility in how they can meet the changing needs of their clients. Prime works with XPlan as one advice platform, so there is no double entry of data.

"Advisers work with one set of documents, one set of compliance rules and one client file record ensuring consistent and accurate advice at all times."

XPlan Prime works for investments, pensions, protection and debt, with advisers able to choose whether to use all or some of these modules.

It uses XPlan's client management, calculation, portfolio and research software as part of the advice process.

Mr Loosmore said it could be used during the initial on-boarding process or during client reviews.