Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Reece Edwards

Diary of an Adviser: Reece Edwards

This paraplanner fits in training and assessments alongside report writing and numerous meetings 


I check the weekend’s emails and my to-do list.

I write all of the suitability reports for our five investment advisers, making it essential I keep my time and workflow under control.

After lunch, I have a cup of tea with Richard Hampshire, our managing director. In this meeting we discuss the next stage of my career and Hampshire Hill’s progression.

We agree that we need another team member in my department and discuss where they will fit.

The rest of Monday is taken up with writing suitability reports.


I meet my father at the gym, then grab a coffee afterwards to talk sport.

In the office, I write a report for a client who requires advice on their pensions and protection shortfalls.

As part of our advice process, we produce a cash flow forecast for our clients. This has proved invaluable as we are able to give them full ‘lifestyle’ planning.

The afternoon is spent with a company that specialises in inheritance tax solutions. We have clients with a large IHT bill and agree a solution to this.

Tuesday evening is boys’ night with my two sons.


Wednesday morning is the adviser team meeting. This gives everyone an idea of what business will be written up in the next week.

The afternoon is spent talking to business development managers.

I co-chair our investment committee, which runs 12 portfolios. In order to keep on top of developments within individual funds, I make a habit of scheduling regular contact with the relevant companies.

This allows me to keep our advisers informed of any potential movement in our portfolios.


Myself and Richard were on the committee that produced the paraplanner standard with Standards International.

Due to our work, Standards International very kindly offered me the honour of being the first paraplanner to be assessed, which I accepted.

Today was the assessment. The morning session was my best practice assessment and the afternoon was my technical assessment. I now have to wait for the official result.

I see this as very important in order to bring paraplanners into the limelight. I am proud of being a paraplanner and get offended by terms like ‘junior team members’. 

I hope others strive to obtain this standard and recognise the framework it provides will help them evolve and improve.

Before leaving on Thursday, I answer an email from a software provider we are interested in bringing on board and arrange a call with him for next week.

Then it is off to do the weekly food shop. Oh what fun.


Friday morning is spent with my apprentice discussing his week of work.

It is important to ensure he is not being overworked and that we remain on track for his long-term goal of becoming a paraplanner.