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Adviser launches wealth conference

Adviser launches wealth conference

A new conference will aim to tackle some of the industry’s shortfalls, such as diversity and consumer harm, when it takes place in September.

Anna Sofat (pictured), founder and chief executive of Addidi Wealth, said the conference, ‘Changing the Course of the Wealth Industry’, will bring together men and women from the industry to discuss how to create a more rewarding business and to look at cultural policy best practice.

The afternoon conference, which will take place at The King’s Fund in London on September 11, will also be the platform for Addidi to reveal the outcomes of the company’s nationwide research, conducted in partnership with ‘Let’s Reset’.

Let’s Reset aims to help businesses perform better by adopting new ways of working linked to commercial effectiveness and ongoing support.

Addidi is a financial planning firm set up by Ms Sofat in 2008, which focuses on the financial advice needs of women.

She said: "I set myself a task this year to raise my head above the parapet and make real change within our industry. For too long we have been tolerant of scandal and ugly habits.

"Whilst there is a lot of noise about diversity and wellbeing at the moment, I see little action.

"I am challenging myself and the industry to walk the talk each day and create a future that’s fit for everyone."

Young Money Blog’s Iona Bain and Nucleus Financial’s chief people officer, Kirsty Lynagh, are among the line-up of speakers and panellists confirmed.