Shift your mindset to get ready for growth

Shift your mindset to get ready for growth

Q: I have seen success in my business but I am finding it difficult to grow and scale from there without feeling exhausted. What are your suggestions? 

A: Growing and scaling a business comes with a number of challenges and fears.

Often there are fears about expanding too quickly, hiring the wrong team members, making the wrong investments and wasting money in the process.

There is also that old chestnut “the harder you work the more you make”, which is not strictly true any more.

Although I assume you have put in the work to get to where you are, is what you are currently doing scalable and sustainable? 

I have not spoken to an entrepreneur who does not have these fears, so it is advisable to look at various options when expanding and assess which options suit you and your business best.

These are the key areas I would look at with clients who are also looking to expand their businesses in a sustainable way. 

Often mindset and beliefs around money are overlooked.

The richest people in the world are not the hardest working – but they have a level of wealth consciousness and unwavering belief around acquiring wealth.

To increase our income and grow our impact, it is essential to check in with the beliefs you currently hold so that you can shift your mindset to one of growth and abundance.

It is important to look at what you really want and reframe any negative beliefs that do not support your growth.

What are the thoughts, beliefs and actions I would take if I already hit X amount in my business? 

Starting to think about those now will help you align with what you want. 

Getting intimate with your finances, current return on investment and services is so important to know where you are, where you want to be and how to correct the course you are taking if needed.

Scalable programmes and offers 

The clients I work with are primarily coaches, consultants and online service-based businesses, where the personal nature of their work leads them to think that the only way to grow is by giving more of their time to their clients and their business.

When starting out or when you still have capacity, this time spent doing 1:1 work with clients is great to test out your programmes and to assess what needs to be tweaked and changed for an even better client transformation.

Once you have your unique methodology and process, creating a scalable offer like a group (one to many) or digital programme becomes a natural step to grow your business.

Creating the content and user experience so as not to decrease results is an important part of this process.

Vanessa Hallick is a mindset and business coach and founder of vanessahallick.com