Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Robyn Caffell

Diary of an adviser: Robyn Caffell

This adviser has a full week helping retirees make the most of life, while looking forward to a fun weekend at the end of it.


The alarm wakes me for my daily swim before breakfast, which sets me up for the day ahead.  

Monday morning tends to be admin and preparation for the week, but today is different. I am meeting with a lovely client who has been widowed and is sorting out her husband’s estate.

It is a very difficult time and I want to make the pension side as easy as possible for her.

She wants to take a beneficiary plan rather than a lump sum or annuity – she does not need the money as she has inherited the family business.  

It is at these times you realise how important it is to keep wills and expressions of wishes up to date, something I raise at every client meeting. 


As I cover the glorious areas of Devon and Cornwall, I am fortunate that even though I have to travel a great deal, the countryside is wonderful.  

Today, I head to Truro and then St Austell where I have three client annual reviews.

Many of my clients are in retirement. We run through their finances to reassure them that they are on track and can continue to enjoy their current lifestyle, while making sure they are not going to run out of money and can pass on the inheritance they want to.


Sidmouth today and, because of the longer drive, I forego my morning swim.  

I am off to see another adviser keen to work with us; we have a growing number of these types of relationship.  

We run through how we can work together, as well as the processes and fee structures. They are keen to undertake any client meetings together and I am very happy to do that.

We also discuss the current market environment, how the sector is innovating and how client needs are evolving.  

I am home by 6pm and very glad to be able to head to my weekly yoga class, which is a great de-stresser.

We have friends visiting this weekend and as I know the rest of the week is going to be busy, I make sure the house is spotless and that we have enough treats in for a growing nine-year-old.     


Back to swimming today and an early review in Plymouth for a couple working on their retirement strategy. She is French and wants to spend part of the year in France. They also have a business and would like to retire in five to six years.  

They are keen to discuss the implications of Brexit and make sure they are still on track.

It is really invigorating to work with clients, see them set goals and help their retirement become a reality.