Use more automation to improve business

Use more automation to improve business

Q: How do I go about using marketing to expand my business?

A: Growing and scaling a business comes with a number of challenges and fears. Often there are fears about expanding too quickly, making the wrong investments and wasting money in the process. 

Automation and paid advertising – specifically social media marketing – have been game changers in both my clients and my own businesses.

An incredible way to leverage your time and increase your income is by creating an automated marketing funnel in a strategic way that effectively communicates your message and sells your offer for you.

This is an incredible way to leverage your income and have a 24/7 lead generation in place that does the heavy lifting for you, even when you are not physically spending time in your business.

I will not lie, it does take quite a bit of work to set this up, but you will only need to do this once with some minor tweaking and updating if your offers or target market change.

I now have thousands of potential clients going through the same marketing funnel with a conversion rate that I am very happy with.

I also have all new clients going through the same orientation programme before I start actually working with them.

This all happens without me having to dedicate any time to it, allowing me to spend more time giving my clients value.

Organic and traditional marketing as well as free social media can only get you so far.

Social media advertising and an automated marketing funnel is still our most effective method of getting clients. 

This is because of the wealth of information available through social media and potential clients’ profiles.

I am able to market to people based on geography, gender, salaries, job descriptions, language, political views and hundreds of other factors, which not only allows my ads to be seen by my specific target audience, but also means my conversion rates are higher than through traditional marketing avenues.

Therefore my cost per lead or new client per dollar spent on advertising is also very low.

However, something to consider with advertising is that there will be a period of testing and tweaking of adverts while you find out what sort of ads appeals to your target market the best.

I would not recommend doing this by yourself unless you already know a lot about it. 

There are social media managers and some great online study courses out there that will be able to help.

Make a strategic assessment of where you can automate more of your business, for example administrative tasks, lead generation, call bookings, client management, team software and automated emails.

Vanessa Hallick is a mindset and business coach and founder of vanessahallick.com