Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Peter Savage

Diary of an adviser: Peter Savage


Following a week’s sailing holiday I am in the office from 8am going through my emails.

I meet my paraplanner at 10am to discuss upcoming appointments and I receive the recommendation reports for the clients I am seeing this week. This also allows me to prepare and schedule appointments for the following week.

Next, I have a meeting with my administrator to catch up and discuss outstanding issues, such as responses from Letters of Authority and updates on business that has been submitted to providers.

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In the afternoon I have a review with a longstanding client. We discuss the performance of the client’s portfolio and update cashflow projections with any changes in objectives.

I then email my notes to my paraplanner to produce the review recommendation report and schedule a second meeting. At 5pm, I attend a crossfit class, then I head home to see my family.


I have an appointment at a client’s home at 10am. The client has sold some property and wants to invest the capital. We discuss objectives, timescale, risk and capacity for loss.

After the meeting I head back to the office where I get a cup of coffee. This gives me time to visualise my day, what I need to do and when. 

I then complete my notes from my earlier meeting and email these to my paraplanner. 

After lunch, I update my CPD for the past two weeks. In the afternoon I have another client review meeting in the office.


I have a meeting back at the office at 10.30am where I present my recommendations to a client who is transferring his pension and is retiring soon.

As this is an important meeting for the client, I spend as much time explaining my recommendations and how these relate to his objectives.

Afterwards, I complete and give the paperwork to my paraplanner and administrator to process and track. 

After lunch I have a meeting with my business partner and our marketing support team.

We have three education seminars on Thursday and we are expecting around 60 attendees; a lot of these will be potential new clients. My business partner will be presenting two seminars on estate and bloodline planning, while I will be presenting one session on retirement planning. 


It is seminar day – I arrive around 9am. We have three presentations scheduled at 11am, 3pm and 7.30pm. My presentation at 3pm is due to last 90 minutes. 

It is a long but a very successful day. Our marketing support have done a great job. The presentations go well and we receive client feedback from most attendees. The number of attendees was close to what we expected and a good mix of existing and potential new clients. 


At a 10am meeting to debrief on yesterday’s seminar we discuss what went well, what we could improve on and client feedback. Encouragingly, we have received quite a few requests on the client feedback forms for a meeting.