Schroders Personal Wealth launches ad campaign

Schroders Personal Wealth launches ad campaign
Peter Hetherington, chief executive of Schroders Personal Wealth

Schroders Personal Wealth has pledged to challenge public perception about financial advice with the launch of a six-week advertising campaign. 

The recently-launched advice venture between Lloyds and Schroders plans to run the campaign in print and at tube and train stations in an effort to make financial planning more "accessible" to the UK population. 

Schroders Personal Wealth said it launched the campaign in light of its own recent research, which found 21 per cent of consumers would rather visit the dentist than speak to a financial adviser. 

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In a survey of 1,000 people last month the advice firm found 62 per cent thought about money every day and a further 62 per cent admitted to arguing with a spouse or partner about money each month. 

Despite this more than a quarter of respondents said they would feel uncomfortable meeting a financial adviser. 

Schroders Personal Wealth itself, which is owned 50.1 per cent by Lloyds and 49.9 per cent by Schroders, requires its clients to have a minimum investable assets of £100,000 before taking them on.

Peter Hetherington, the newly-appointed chief executive at Schroders Personal Wealth, said: "We believe that professional financial advice helps generate value. Through personal financial plans, we aim to make a positive difference to the lives of our clients and their families.

"The campaign is designed to challenge people’s perceptions about speaking to an adviser, to help us bring it to more people in the UK and to empower conversations with our clients.

"We want to make financial planning more accessible and bring it to more people in the UK." 

Schroders Personal Wealth has been vocal about its aspirations to become a top three financial planning business in the UK within five years. 

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