Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Peter Denne

Diary of an Adviser: Peter Denne

This adviser spends his week adjusting to working from home as the UK enters lockdown.


A typical week would usually start with dropping the kids off at school on the way to the office. However, with schools closed due to Covid-19, the journey to work is considerably quicker today.

I would usually visit between eight and 10 clients in a regular week, but it is understandably quieter this week and there is just the one appointment in the diary with a lovely couple who have requested an annual review.

Some clients have been very nervous, and understandably so, given the downturn in the markets, so it is important to call them back at the earliest possible opportunity.

After work I take a trip to my local tennis court for a quick match with my son – possibly the last one we have for at least a few weeks.


After the prime minister’s decision to put the country into lockdown we have made provisions to work at home.

I venture into the office to collect everything that would be required to set up a home office. I then contact the clients that were booked in over the next couple of weeks to see if they are happy to postpone meetings or to discuss any more urgent issues over the telephone. 


An entirely new experience for me is the trip to my makeshift office. I watch a bit of the news to update myself on the latest regarding the coronavirus and see the death rate is continuing to rise at quite a rate.

I spend the morning speaking to clients and responding to emails, followed by a dog walk in the sunshine at lunchtime.

In the afternoon I join a 60-minute webinar, which was a guide to successfully supporting clients remotely, which may be of use in the coming weeks.


Inbetween calls in the morning I try helping my children with their studies. This poses a challenge as there has been no specific date set for when they are due to return to school.

As exercise has been restricted to once a day, I decide to go out for a run for about 30 minutes to avoid going stir crazy. Living in a rural area, the chances of coming into contact with someone is minimal, so I can uphold my social distancing.

In the evening I enjoy a glass of wine and film on Netflix.


Considering the current situation, the phones have remained relatively quiet, possibly helped by the climbing markets over the week.

I speak with an existing client later in the day who wants to make a last minute pension contribution.

After work on a Friday I usually meet up with some colleagues from the office and discuss how the week has been over a cold beer; unfortunately this will not be the case.