Interest in will-writing 'rockets' among advisers

Interest in will-writing 'rockets' among advisers

SimplyBiz has reported a sharp rise in adviser interest in will-writing and estate planning services over the past two months.

The support services company said it has received more than 300 bookings for 15 training courses in will-writing and estate planning, which were launched at the start of April.

The courses aim to develop advisers’ communication skills on wills and wider estate planning needs, as well as practical training and education.

Legal documents are completed by the group’s legal services division, APS Legal and Associates, on advisers’ behalf.

Scarlett Musson, business development director of APS Legal and Associates, said: “Understandably, the recent Covid-19 crisis has sparked an unprecedented rise in the number of clients eager to ensure plans are in place for the future of their estate.

“The SimplyBiz Group decided to offer will-writing and estate planning training to advisers at no cost because we believe it is important to help advisers diversify and expand the services they can offer and because we want to help as many consumers as possible have peace of mind about their future.”

Ms Musson added: “Robust wills and estate plans are the bedrock of financial advice and are key to helping advisers engage with the next generation of clients. 

"Although the reason for this growth of interest is hugely unfortunate, I do hope that it remains at this level, for both advisers and consumers, going forward.”

Writing for FTAdviser last week Ken Davy, chairman of SimplyBiz Group said the coronavirus had “resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of clients seeking guidance on wills”.

Earlier this month, PMS Mortgage Club predicted the coronavirus would expedite a shift in the business models of directly authorised mortgage advisers to offer more comprehensive services in line with lifelong financial planning.