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Guide to selling your business

  • Describe some of the aspects of selling your business
  • Identify some challenges around a sale
  • Explain how to deal with these challenges
Guide to selling your business
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There will always be financial advisers who will be in the process of selling their business - perhaps they are coming up to retirement, or have had a change in circumstances and need to sell up.

But Covid-19 has brought a new dimension to that decision: as with many aspects of life, some financial advisers are taking stock of where they are, and what their working life looks like, and some may be struggling with the new circumstances.

So larger businesses - consolidators especially - are reporting a busy time. They are both approaching smaller firms, and smaller firms are calling on them. 

The articles in this guide aim to set out some of the challenges and issues that arise when advisers want to sell their business. They look at the types of transactions that tend to occur, how to plan for the long term, how to deal with legacy issues, and how to get the right price.

It aims to address some of the concerns that advisers have if they are considering this option for themselves. The guide is worth an indicative 60 minutes CPD.

In this guide


Please answer the six multiple choice questions below in order to bank your CPD. Multiple attempts are available until all questions are correctly answered.

  1. Keeping a stake in the business is considered to be the best option for a quick sale, true or false (according to the first feature)?

  2. What is one way of ensuring loyalty of existing staff, according to the first feature?

  3. According to the second feature, how many years of planning, at least. should it take to get the business ready for sale?

  4. Keeping employees informed about the sale process every step of the way is always a good idea, true or false?

  5. According to the third feature, which of the following is NOT a means of getting a good price for one's business:

  6. Selling one's business is an easy way to get rid of liabilities, true or false?

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You should now know…

  • Describe some of the aspects of selling your business
  • Identify some challenges around a sale
  • Explain how to deal with these challenges

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