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Protection advice firm improves website accessibility

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Protection advice firm improves website accessibility
Credit: Adrianna Calvo from Pexels
ByChloe Cheung

Protection advice firm Cura has added accessibility software to its website to improve access to insurance.

The specialist insurance adviser has installed the ‘Recite Me’ solution to its website, as part of its work to make the firm “as accessible and inclusive as possible”.

According to Cura, the software can help people with conditions such as dyslexia, sight loss and blindness access its services more easily.

The software enables users to change how the Cura website works, so they can access it in the way that suits them best.

Users can customise the website by, for example, changing the size and colour of fonts, translating text into more than 100 languages and having text on the website read aloud.

Alan Knowles, managing director at Cura said: “It suddenly struck us that we are constantly working to improve accessibility in arranging protection insurance and we are making great strides in doing this. But, what about that very first part of the journey?

“What about people who cannot access insurance due to communication barriers? Dyslexia, deafness, blindness, physical conditions that restrict access to computers and telephones, English as a second language.

“These all present barriers to getting advice and understanding the information within key features documents and policy conditions.”

Kathryn Knowles, managing director at Cura, added: “We believe that this is an essential area of inclusivity that needs to be given clear focus”.

But Ms Knowles also said there were still “many steps” to take.

She said: “I’m currently starting a British Sign Language course so that I can ‘speak’ the language that some of our clients use. Even though I will not be fluent and I certainly will not be perfect, this will demonstrate to our clients that their needs are our priority”.

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