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Adviser takes on running challenge for charity

Adviser takes on running challenge for charity
 Adrian Murphy, CEO of Murphy Wealth and chair of MND Scotland

Financial adviser Adrian Murphy is undertaking a daily running challenge in a bid to raise £5,000 for charity MND Scotland.

The Glasgow-based CEO of Murphy Wealth (pictured) became the charity’s chairman this week (November 30), after joining the board of MND Scotland earlier in the year.

He said: “The reason I [joined the board] was because my brother is currently fighting MND, and so it’s really important to me, and to the family. It’s a really important cause.”

MND Scotland provides care and support to people affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND), as well as funding research into finding a cure. The charity will be marking its 40th anniversary next year.

Mr Murphy said: “It’s a big year for the charity. We want to try and take a big step forward in terms of both what we do - fundraising and how we fundraise, and what we’re doing on the research front - but also seeing what gaps there are on the care front, because we can help those that are suffering today, as well as fund research for a cure tomorrow.”

Mr Murphy is currently undertaking the ‘Marcothon’ as a fundraising challenge.

On his JustGiving page, Mr Murphy wrote: “I am going to run 5k or for 25mins (whichever comes first) every day in December to raise as much money as possible.”

He said: “I noticed on day 2 a wee bit of stiffness here, and as time goes on, I suspect that’s going to just get worse, but we’re doing yoga and all sorts of stuff to keep ourselves functioning.”

Mr Murphy said his wife and colleagues at Murphy Wealth were also taking part in the daily running challenge, which includes Christmas day.

“We’ll be running with Santa hats on Christmas day. I think Boxing Day might be the more difficult run,” he said.

“Getting out nice and fresh on Christmas morning will be fine. I think Boxing Day, dragging a turkey and whatever else you’ve eaten around might be slightly more challenging.”

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