Intelliflo to roll out portfolio management services in 2022

Intelliflo to roll out portfolio management services in 2022

Invesco's portfolio management and robo-advice technology will be rolled out to Intelliflo's UK clients early next year as part of its integration under one brand.

This month Invesco announced all five advice technology businesses it owns will be brought under the Intelliflo brand.

Two of these - Intelliflo's Intelligent Office, which has been rebranded as Intelliflo Office, and i4C, which has been rebranded as Intelliflo Planning - already operate in the UK.

But three of these - Jemstep Advisor Pro, which has been merged into Intelliflo Office, Portfolio Pathway, which has become Intelliflo Portfolio, and RedBlack - operate in the US.

Intelliflo Portfolio and RedBlack both provide technology aimed at helping advisers manage discretionary portfolios, including rebalancing, analytics and trading.

Intelliflo chief executive Nick Eatock said these would become available to UK advisers early next year.

He said: "Those advice firms [which run portfolios] will use capability from wherever they use it, but when we bring that into the Intelliflo Office suite they will be able to do that within our solutions.

"We are working with a few first mover customers at the moment so in the UK we are working more on the portfolio management and rebalancing side at the moment. That's our first focus."

He said the services would be aimed at advice firms which already run portfolios as part of their business model, but could potentially help firms which don't develop such a model.

Jemstep is a digital advice solution offered to large banks in the US which Eatock said was closer to a robo-advice service and he said that would also become available to Intelliflo's UK clients soon.

Eatock said Intelliflo has increased its investment into its technology substantially recently, from £3m to £12m over the past two years.

Addressing whether advisers would see any disruptions during this period, Eatock said: "A lot of the engine work has already changed. So live Intelliflo Office incorporates that.

"We deploy just over 18 enhancements every single day so that's the framework that enables us to grow."

He added that later this month Intelliflo would be launching a new user interface, with in-app support following after that.

Invesco bought Intelliflo, which provides its services to around 37 per cent of UK advisers, in 2018.