A year of coronavirus: what have advisers learnt?

A year of coronavirus: what have advisers learnt?

Exactly a year ago, prime minister Boris Johnson began placing the UK into lockdown, closing pubs, cafes and restaurants as the coronavirus pandemic took hold. A few days later he would tell the UK population to stay at home.

A year on from these dramatic events, many advisers have changed the way they run their businesses and meet their clients. On this week's podcast, FTAdviser digital editor Damian Fantato talks to three firms of different sizes about how they have coped and what they have learnt.

He is joined by Lee Hartley, chief executive of Fairstone, Neil Moles, chief executive of Progeny and Victor Sacks, director of VS Associates to discuss what they have learnt, how they have adapted and what an exit from the pandemic might look like for advisers.

They also discuss how recording meetings with clients could leave to a lower Financial Services Compensation Scheme levy, how providers and platforms have coped with the challenge and what the future might hold for acquisitions and vertical integration if the pandemic comes to a close.

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