How to win young consumers

They want to know where their money is going and what it is supporting and feel good about their decision.

FTA: What puts younger people off when it comes to service - whether financial or otherwise?

BM: Younger customers are all about convenience and personalisation. The biggest service turnoff is experiences that make customers work harder than they need to or make them follow someone else’s schedule, such as only being able to call a company during certain hours instead of being able to speak whenever is convenient to them.

Experiences that aren’t personalised and feel rote or scripted also put young customers off companies because it shows the company does not understand or value them as individuals.

For the younger generations, it’s more than just plugging their name into an email: they want real connections and personalisation.

Young customers have grown accustomed to personalised experiences from companies like Netflix, Starbucks and Spotify and expect at least some degree of that personalisation from all brands. They are quick to turn away from organisations that don’t offer that sort of personalisation.