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'Clear desire for financial planning body': advisers speak out about PFS plans

She said: “Our policy and public affairs activities, events, awards, good practice membership content and publications will continue to be provided as our excellent membership team remains in place.

“Under a new chief membership officer, the membership team’s remit will remain unchanged: to lead the financial planning, mortgage broking and insurance community to greater levels of professionalism exhibited through technical knowledge, client service and ethical practice.

“The boards of our membership societies, made up of market practitioners, will continue to shape our work and ensure we offer the support members require."

She added: “In the coming weeks and months, you will hear more about how we are ensuring our qualifications, products, services and benefits support members at every stage of their career.”

Earlier this month, Robin Melley, managing director of Shropshire-based advice firm Matrix Capital, and vice president of CII affiliate body the Insurance Institute for Shropshire and Mid-Wales (IISMW), wrote to the CII’s independent chair Helen Miller regarding issues and concerns about the way the CII has been led in recent times.

In his letter he outlined some of his concerns with the CII such as the failure to enforce professional standards, the exams fiasco and downgrading the strategic leadership.

Felix Milton thought the comments were "fair". He said the exams fiasco was “embarrassing” for the CII. 

“The technology has existed for a while for remote exams and it appears the CII rushed this out with little consideration as to how it will work,” he said. 

“One wonders whether it was just an attempt to keep the money making exam machine running."

He said the decision to downgrade the strategic leadership tied into the deregistration and “looks to be another cost saving measure”. 

“I think a CEO is important as it provides a public face for the profession and ensures our voices are represented to the wider CII body.”

Speaking to FTAdviser this week, Melley urged other advisers to write to Philips and like Melley, Morris is now asking advisers to write to the CII to present their concerns, stating this was the only way to ensure action would be taken.

“We have a duty to our profession to make our voices heard on this matter and to influence the outcome,” he said.

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