How an adviser can contribute to a client's well-being

  • Understand the importance of relaying how an adviser adds value.
  • Describe the various ways clients can benefit from advice.
  • Explain the processes that an adviser can work with a client to improve their finances.

Behavioural coaching

• Over many thousands of years, humans have evolved to survive. Unfortunately, we have also learned some bad habits and biases in the process. Many of them we are not even aware of. We buy high and sell low, we value the near term more than the long term, we hold onto investments that have fallen, we believe information that reinforces our own views.

Part of our role is to act as a coach – helping you avoid these mistakes and guide you to a better future. Research shows that investors may be losing up to 2 per cent a year by falling into common traps – we assist in avoiding these.

Holding your hand through difficult times is important. Divorce, death, redundancy, business sales and making wills are all stressful times. We have experience and expertise and understanding to assist and guide you through them. We are there when you need us most.

Investment oversight

• Do not put all your eggs in one basket. A well-diversified portfolio can deliver the returns you seek with a lower amount of risk. We use sophisticated tools to help you achieve the returns you need within the risk tolerance you have. It is like the stallholders in a busy UK high street – they will sell umbrellas and sunscreen – which initially seems an odd combination. But when you think about the UK summer weather it suddenly makes a whole lot of sense.

Reducing costs and boosting efficiency can compound up to big differences over the years. We have access to portfolios that cost from as little 0.40 per cent a year versus the average managed fund of 1.37 per cent a year according to data from Money Management.

Wrap platforms can add real value and make portfolio management easier – we make sure we select one that meets your needs. We ensure the platform is cost effective and reliable, making your life easier.

Risk assessment and management

• There is a pernicious risk that few investors are aware of called sequence of return risk. It can have a massive impact on how long your pension fund will last – in the worst case it could reduce your income by nine years or more. We can help you plan and take the simple but effective steps to mitigate that risk – and give you a longer-lasting retirement income.

Risk is a complex and multi-dimensional subject. We will help you navigate and understand risk to ensure the solutions we recommend meet your needs. We use our expertise, structured questions and a conversation to guide you to a solution that meets your needs and objectives in a way you understand.