My time in Afghanistan helped me be an IFA

Image is important

I do believe image is very important, as essentially people do buy from people. In terms of turnout, this is also important as you would not expect to receive financial advice from someone completely underdressed.

Yet in the same breath I am not a firm believer you have to be in a formal suit either, but that is just my opinion. 

When I newly qualified as a financial and mortgage adviser and had the backing of my firm behind me, I was just about to leave the forces to pursue my career in financial services. So, I had the opportunity to do my first presentation in front of the men and women of my regiment.

This was a basic PowerPoint on Isas, pensions, different types of investment and mortgages. Speaking to a large audience can be daunting at the best of times but when it is your first time, there was all kinds of added pressure I placed on myself.

However, this was an opportunity I used to learn how to speak in front of people, learn how people engage with me and the topics, and how I can communicate my information clearly, with confidence.

These situations have helped me become more confident in front of my clients and potential clients and have enabled me to come across as an adviser who they will want to share their objectives with. 

I am proud to say that what I learnt during my time in the British army, and in the dangerous situations we all found ourselves in during tours of Afghanistan, has given me some excellent skills that not only helped keep me alive then, but can help others have a better life now in my new role.  

Louis Goacher is an IFA at Complete Financial Planning