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PFS president vows to 'play our part' in helping members

Lord said at the time that while she had been personally consulted, she “regrets the CII did not engage with the PFS board collectively on the drafting of the consultation document and the CII did not bring the document to the PFS board for input”.

Tumultuous year

At the beginning of October, when Fisher's departure as CII president was announced, chartered financial planners told FTAdviser they were concerned this marked the start of yet another proposal to deregister the PFS; something which had reared its head again earlier this year. 

In June 2021, the PFS board had voted down a third proposal to deregister it after it caused uproar among members. The proposal had first been made to deregister the PFS as a legal entity in 2016, and then again in 2019, but the PFS board rejected this both times. 

At the end of October, Fisher told FTAdviser In Focus: "Anything I can do before I finish on our own consultation with our own members about what they would like to see the future look like, [I will]."

She added: "It's the same issue that our new president Peter Blanc and Sarah Lord, president of the PFS, are both concerned about: the future of advice."

Earlier this week, the CII was under fire for continuing problems with the technology used for its exams. As reported by FTAdviser, candidates who had taken exams in the past 48 hours were unable to view their results and certificates online.

This followed technical glitches on its website at the end of October, as advisers taking remote exams faced further difficulties and were offered to reschedule for the start of November.