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2021: The year the world woke up to climate change

“A shift to living, eating, spending, investing, developing and producing in a mindful way – on the understanding that sustainable business or lifestyle choices do not mean sacrificing economic growth,” he said. “Quite the opposite in fact.”

Looking ahead, he said if the last decade was the decade of digitalisation, then the ‘roaring twenties’ will be the decade of decarbonisation.

He said: “What is clear is that 2022 needs to be the year we accelerate the move to a circular economy of recycle, reuse and remake – and this can be achieved while keeping economic growth. 

“The automobile and steel industries are already proving this, transitioning from traditional capitalism to capitalism with impact; where shareholders engage with businesses to raises industry standards and make every company better. Because what could be more compelling than for businesses to make money while reversing the impact of climate change.”

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