‘The fee should never be an issue with clients’

“They then can focus their marketing around that type of client and challenges that they face.”

Meanwhile, around 86 per cent of those surveyed cited their adviser’s ability to understand their needs as the area they were most satisfied with, while 84 per cent said it was overall communication. 

Some 81 per cent of advised consumers said they were satisfied with the investment recommendations offered by their advisers. 

Embark said the results also suggested this surging satisfaction could generate new business, with the majority (83 per cent) saying they would be comfortable recommending their adviser to friends and family, with only 5 per cent uncomfortable doing so.

Morris commented: “It’s good to see that client satisfaction levels in advisers are so high. Although not surprising.”

The survey asked advised investors about the positive outcomes of the pandemic and almost half (42 per cent) said that they had developed a better appreciation of financial planning due to the disruption of the past two years.

Drewett added: “Advisers will always have one strong reason to believe in the health of the market – the value of advice. Advisers we have spoken to have been clear that, while there will always be a conversation to be had on costs, it does not need to be a differentiator.”


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