Witness called in trial of former Harlequin boss Ames

Tricker replied: "It’s hard to clarify that because all the money was paid into one account and all the pay came out of one account so you can’t tell where that money came from exactly."

He asked whether the money which came in for one resort "could be used for another resort"; she replied "Possibly" but confirmed most of it went to Buccament Bay.

Bowes continued: "Would that result, as far as you were aware, in a debt between those resort development companies?" 

"Correct, yes," the witness confirmed.

Payments stopped

In around December 2012 or January 2013, the payments to investors for their loans stopped, Bowes told the court. A letter was sent out to investors about there being a problem with a bank, he added.

Tricker suggested that it was either "Dave or Dan" who wrote the letter, referring to David Ames or another person.

"Did you have anything to do with the wording of the letter?" asked Bowes.

"Not that I recall", said Tricker.

"Was there actually a problem with the bank?" continued Bowes.

"No," Tricker replied. "There was no money", she said.

Ames, of Essex, denies three counts of fraud by abuse of position.

The trial continues.

Court report by Connie Dimsdale at Prospero House