Intelliflo CEO says upgrade should help end outages

Intelliflo CEO says upgrade should help end outages

Intelliflo chief executive Nick Eatock has said the company's most recent upgrade should help put an end to the outages which have frustrated advisers in recent months.

The company carried out maintenance over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend during which it completed its migration to Amazon Web Services.

Eatock said the upgrade was fundamental to Intelliflo's continued growth.

He said: "In order to deal with growth we needed an infrastructure environment which enables us to scale more. We needed to upgrade to an AWS environment because we wanted to be able to scale more easily.

"What that does is it gives us the scale to handle increased user demand. We also get the ability to deliver more capacity.

"We completely understand the frustrations of our users when the technology isn't available when they need to use it.

"The move to AWS over the period is a pretty fundamental building block to create more scale so those things don't happen."

Last year advisers struggled to access Intelliflo due to tech issues which were affecting the back office system while there were other outages earlier this year.

Eatock said the issues were, in part, down to Intelliflo's success since it had grown to offer its services to 28,000 users - many of whom were successful advice businesses which were themselves growing.

In 2019 Intelliflo bought cash flow modelling software provider i4C and Eatock said the company remained acquisitive.

He said: "The whole marketplace for advice is changing for the better. We think we have been at the vanguard of that.

"Some of our innovation has been stuff we have built, and some of it has been stuff we have bought.

"I am sure there will be things which emerge which we think are worth us having a capability in, and we will continue to either partner with firms which offer them, build them ourselves or buy it."