Intelliflo upgrades mark 'culmination' of investment

Intelliflo upgrades mark 'culmination' of investment

The chief executive of Intelliflo has said the back office software provider is planning a whole host of upgrades during the rest of 2022.

Nick Eatock said the company had been spending around £12mn a year on new technology - some of which would be rolled out later this year.

He said some of these upgrades would make a "culmination" to the work Intelliflo has been carrying out over the past few years.

Eatock said: "I would say over the last two years in particular, the level of investment has increased. That's because we want to build more, we have got more capability we want to bring into the UK market but, at the same time, our user base is growing."

Among the changes which Eatock is expecting to roll out is the technology aimed at helping advisers manage discretionary portfolios, including rebalancing, analytics and trading.

This technology is already provided under the Intelliflo Portfolio and RedBlack brands in the US and is likely to be rolled out at the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023.

Intelliflo will also roll out trust fact finds after this was requested by its community of users due to the increasing amount of work they do in this area.

Eatock said trust fact finds was one of the most requested new features by its users and it would be rolled out over the summer.

He said the other upgrade would centre around Intelliflo's personal finance portal, which allows advisers to communicate with their clients and give them an overview of their finances.

Eatock said: "We are rebuilding PFP so it allows advisers to fully configure the system to different clients or as the client goes through different stages advisers can start showing them new features."

Intelliflo will also be upgrading the system which allows users to create their own documents and adding more scenario coverage to its advice process system.