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Lick your wrists to stay cool: Advisers' top heat-busting tips

Lick your wrists to stay cool: Advisers' top heat-busting tips
One adviser advocates copying monkey behaviour to beat the heat. [Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom via Pexels]

Advisers have shared their top tips for keeping cool while carrying on creating financial plans for clients, ranging from drinking iced water to licking your wrists like a monkey.

Samuel Mather-Holgate, IFA for Mather and Murray Financial, said: "For all those still required to be on Zoom meetings at home, your top half may have to be all business, but you can still sit in your pants with your feet in ice buckets.

"Also, it sounds strange, but monkeys lick their wrists to keep cool - and it works for humans, too. Just don't do this while on a Zoom meeting."

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Equally bizarrely, Ian Hewett, founder of the Bearded Mortgage Broker, said to stay cool he has "converted a commode into an ice-cube holder. I think it could catch on. Dragons' Den here I come."

As temperatures are set to rise to a record-breaking 43 degrees in some parts of the UK, other advisers had more prosaic ways to help their peers stay cool while working.

Director of Cherry Mortgage & Finance, Matthew Fleming-Duffy, prefers cold drinks and ice cream.

He said: "We live in a country that appears to be disastrously ill-prepared for anything other than moderate temperatures and, although many people will benefit from working in air-conditioned buildings, most of us will have to resort to consuming pints of cold stuff or ice cream, of course."

Similarly, Graham Cox, director at Self Employed Mortgage Hub, said frozen water bottles were "a winner".

Cox suggested: "Rather than lying awake all hot and sweaty, one of the best ways to cool down in bed is with a cold water bottle on the back or side of your neck. Just stick the bottle in your freezer an hour before bedtime. Works a treat."

For Edward Richardson, chartered financial planner at Edward Richardson, the best way to deal with the hot weather is to "have a brother with a pool. All the fun, none of the hassle".

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