In Focus: Modern financial planner  

Not enough people realise what opportunities lie in paraplanning

Harrison realised people could easily be attracted into finance once they realised the opportunities and how attractive it is as a career. 

Therefore, she reached out to a number of firms and asked them to contribute towards qualifications for new entrants to the sector.

The Verve Group then found, trained and supported these individuals to complete their diploma. 

So far the group has supported six cohorts of 10 people, providing both exam preparation and practical training. 

“We’ve had a couple of really nice, big pledges from some of the larger firms that want to get involved which means we can hopefully accelerate the programme,” Harrison added. 

While the Verve’s training programme is helping firms to hire paraplanners for in house work, Harrison is not concerned that this will impact Para-Sols operations. 

“We get firms that are one man bands, so we will be their only support for admin, paraplanning and compliance.

“They might get to a stage where we can then help with training and recruitment and they do not need as much help, but as the business grows they will bring us back in to support on different projects so we are still involved in the journey.”