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Advisers who served in the Forces remember the Queen

Advisers who served in the Forces remember the Queen
Photo taken outside Buckingham Palace: FT Fotoware

Many financial advisers have served in the Armed Forces or in the police before joining the advisory profession.

FTAdviser caught up with some of them for their thoughts on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Air Force

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Fiona Sharp, Ex RAF Flight Lieutenant, chartered financial planner at Verve Financial Planning

Sharp commented: "It’s a proud moment when you stand to attest to serve The Queen at the start of your military career, and one which I took very seriously.

"She was absolutely 'The Boss', the golden thread that intertwined military loyalty, friendship, trust and integrity.

"She also was the calm voice of the people throughout many a crisis, and she will be sorely missed by many. This is the end of an era. I will always be undeniably proud to have served her."

Al Rush, founder of Echelon Wealth Management, served as Corporal in the Royal Air Force Regiment.

He said: "For decades, the one constant in volatile and uncertain times was the Queen. 'The boss’, as we called her, was a rock of certainty and continuity, and whenever her family endured attack after attack, she presented a picture of decency, dignity and serenity.

"I remember once, deployed to a war zone, I came face-to-face with a local armed insurgent, who, when he saw the Union Flag on my body armour, immediately softened his aggressive stance.

"He opened his own top pocket, took out a creased picture of the Queen and in, broken local dialect, stuttered ‘God Save the Queen’: such was the impact she had on global politics and events.

"The gap that she has left can never be filled, and neither should it be. A light has gone out, and as darkness now descends on her life and her reign, let us give thanks for her service to us.

"In return, servicemen and women who served her, not politicians, will be profoundly saddened by her death. And I am no exception. God save the King."

The Army

Lewis Shaw, owner of Shaw Financial Services, served in the Royal Artillery Band until 2015. He said: "The Queen has always been a steadfast icon that embodies the best of British.

"If we all emulated the qualities the Queen has in abundance of thoughtfulness, resilience, compassion, good humour, and kindness, we'd have a much better life and nation overnight."

The Police

Julian Pruggmayer, principal of Financial Risk Management, served as a policeman from 1975 until training as an adviser in the early 1990s.

Pruggmayer said: "When I joined the Police in 1975, this was a country where the laws were applied equally to everybody. Sadly today if you’re a non-dom or other you are above the laws.