‘Epitome of integrity’: Advisers react to Queen’s passing

‘Epitome of integrity’: Advisers react to Queen’s passing

The advice profession has expressed its condolences at Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, calling her the “epitome of integrity” and “a beacon of light through the darkest times”.

Aged 96, she was the longest-serving monarch in British history. This year, she celebrated the 70th anniversary of her reign which endured 15 different prime ministers.

Earlier today, Buckingham Palace confirmed the Queen was under medical supervision and doctors were concerned for her health. The Palace confirmed her passing this evening (September 8).

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Advisers across the IFA industry have come together to celebrate the Queen’s reign, which began back in 1952 following the death of her father George VI.

“She's been a monumental leader for this country,” said Tim Morris, an IFA at Russell & Co Financial Advisers.

“Always very in tune with the sentiments of the nation. How she managed to adjust so amazingly well to all the different eras, attitudes and opinions is beyond me. 

“She has been a beacon of light through the darkest times. From one of the grimmest wars in history not long before her reign began, right through to the horrific disruption and loss of life caused by the Covid-91 pandemic.

“Words can do no justice to the sense of loss the whole country feels upon her passing.”

The Queen became the longest-serving monarch in British history back in 2015. Before her, it was her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Founder of CIExpert, Alan Lakey, said regardless of people’s stances on the royal family, the Queen conducted herself with integrity.

“Whether you’re a royalist or a republican, I think we can all agree that her behaviour has always displayed the epitome of rectitude and integrity,” said Lakey.

“She has always been conscious of the royal family’s reputation and sought to protect it despite the black spots of the last 25 years.  

“She will be remembered as a fantastic ambassador for Great Britain and in future years her reputation will soar as events unfold.”

‘Impossible to replace’

The Queen took on her role as the country’s leader at the age of just 25, remaining on the throne for more than six decades.

Devon-based financial adviser Philip Milton said: “Never in history has someone’s image been reproduced so many times on things like stamps and coins.

“There has never been a world leader, politician, businessman, religious person who has held such an important and effective role for so long, fulfilling the responsibilities it demanded in a professional and ethical way for that length of time, travelling and communicating as much as she has been obliged by the role.