London-based IFA appoints Pacific AM as MPS partner

London-based IFA appoints Pacific AM as MPS partner

London-based IFA Mark Dean Wealth Management has appointed Pacific Asset Management as its core model portfolio service partner in a bid to enhance its range of advisory portfolios. 

The firm, which specialised in advice for private clients with interests outside the UK, has had model portfolios active since 2019.

Dean Mullay, managing director at Mark Dean Wealth Management, said the partnership with Pacific AM was chosen in light of mounting regulatory, operational and administrative pressures.

“Having carefully researched a large number of investment managers, we are very excited about the progression of our service and the appointment of Pacific Asset Management as an in-sourced investment partner to our range,” Mullaly said. 

He described Pacific AM as a “high-calibre team with expertise across multiple asset classes, including alternatives and diversifying strategies” which is “backed up by an exceptional track record”.

He added: “They adopt a modern, dynamic approach to portfolio management which we believe is well positioned to enable us to continue to deliver great outcomes for our clients.”

Mark Dean Wealth Management anticipates that the new working relationship will enable it to enhance its overall portfolio diversification and access a range of asset classes and investment styles. 

It will also enable it to make real-time changes to portfolios when required, the firm said. 

Pacific AM head of UK solutions, Ben Sears said Mark Dean Wealth Management's “client-centric approach and forward thinking mentality” is what makes the partnership a good fit. 

Based in London, Pacific AM had over £2.7bn in assets under management as of December 2021. 

It is part of Sir John Beckwith’s Pacific Investments Group, a private family office established in 1994.