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Top 100 Advisers 2022: more names in the frame

Top 100 Advisers 2022: more names in the frame

FTAdviser's list of the top 100 financial advice firms in the UK continues today with another reveal: those companies on the list whose names come between F and M in the alphabet.

Resilience appears to be the adviser's watchword amid all this economic turmoil and rightly so: resilience and adaptability appear to be strong characteristics of all the companies in our Top 100 Financial Advisers 2022.

The annual rankings, which detail some of the best and fastest-growing advisory businesses from across the UK, provide a snapshot of the amazing work by advisers amid a turbulent few years.

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We consider metrics such as the length of time a company has remained in business, or whether it has achieved CII chartered or CISI accredited status, as well as financial data, to indicate how firms are trying to do the right thing by their clients, no matter what external shocks might hit the UK.

We will be counting down a series of firms from our list each day until the end of the week

We began this grand reveal yesterday with those firms between N and Z in the alphabet, and will be publishing the full list on Friday along with the top 20 firms, ranked in order.

This year, like last year, we are only ranking the top 20 firms, with the rest listed on alphabetical order.

Today's list focuses on those companies whose names are between F and M in the alphabet.

We’ve done this so the list emphasises the companies themselves, rather than giving undue focus to a precise position in the rankings, or how that position might have shifted year-on-year.

But equally, we consider it important to retain a small group of firms that our metrics rank as the best of the best at the top of the list.

The Top 100 is again compiled using Financial Clarity data from ISS Market Intelligence and those statistics continue to form the backbone of our rankings.

More information on our methodology, and full details of how the Top 100 has been calculated, will be published later this week.

But for now, the second batch of companies - those between F and M - are as follows:

Companies in Top 100 Financial Advisers: F-M


Financial Advice & Services

Foster Denovo

Gale & Phillipson

Gracechurch Wealth Management

HFMC Wealth

Hilltop Financial Planning


Investment Quorum

IP Wealth Management

LGT Wealth Management UK

Lloyds Banking

Lomond Financial Management

Lonsdale Services

Lyncombe Consultants

Martin Aitken Financial Services

Mattioli Woods

Moore & Smalley

Mutual Financial Management

MWS Financial Advisers

Note on the methodology:

FTAdviser tweaks its metrics every year to make sure the right mix of firms, large and small, are represented, with companies chosen not on profits or assets under management, but a range of markers. 

The Top 100 Financial Advisers is based on Financial Clarity data, from ISS Market Intelligence. 

Initially a longer list of 150 firms are chosen, based initially on their gross sales in the previous 12 months, July 2021 to June 2022.

This year, firms with gross sales of more than £175mn were eligible for inclusion compared with £150mn in 2021, £115mn in 2020 and £125mn in 2019.

Each firm is then scored on six different factors, such as their retention score, or the length of years the firm has been in business.

We also reward businesses that are either chartered by the Chartered Insurance Institute or accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.