'Acquirers do look at advisers' social media for assurance'

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'Acquirers do look at advisers' social media for assurance'
[L to R] Kanishk Swarup, partner at Compound Wealth Planning, Victoria Hicks, managing director of The Exit Partnership, and Carmen Reichman, multimedia editor at FTAdviser

Channel 4 presenter Tayo Oguntonade will be returning to his day job as a qualified mortgage broker after taking a three-year-long break from giving advice to start up his own firm.

On that break from giving advice, he built a social media presence to the tune of nearly 17,000 followers on Twitter. 

"We moved with the times. The mortgage broking industry is very old school and the people that dominate it right now will be the people that have old firms,” Oguntonade told FTAdviser. 

"But things are changing so drastically. We were in a position where we wanted to serve young people. Young people don’t read a book to understand what it takes to get a mortgage."