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Verve Group launches support initiative for newly set up advice firms

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Verve Group launches support initiative for newly set up advice firms
Hayley Rabbets, head of the Verve Foundation, and chief executive of the Verve Group, Cathi Harrison pictured at the adviser incubator launch event on Monday evening in London.

The Verve Group has launched a 12-week programme for advisers who are in the early stages of setting up their own advice firms.

The ‘adviser incubator’ initiative has been designed by the Verve Group to support advice firms in the early days of operation. 

Advisers will be given guidance on how to grow and develop their businesses and will have access to mentorship and other support from the Verve Group. 

Speaking about the need for such a programme, head of the Verve Foundation, Hayley Rabbets said now is the perfect time for it to launch this intitiative. 

“We’re seeing more and more entrepreneurial people entering the industry, the world is changing, we have technological advances coming out of our ears and people finally seem ready to embrace that.

"We also believe that new advice firms are perfectly placed to bring innovation to finance.

"They aren’t weighed down by legacy structures and systems, they bring to the table new ideas and fresh approaches. We really want to help support and accelerate that growth,” Rabbets said. 

Over the course of the programme, advisers will attend sessions covering different areas of business development including business planning, running a regulated business, building a proposition, and designing the ideal client experience. 

The Verve Group has said there will also be on demand learning on a range of topics providing CPD and further training. 

In addition to this, office space will be offered to participants for a few days a week to allow firms to collaborate. 

The programme comes as part of the Verve Group’s not-for-profit arm, the Verve Foundation, which recently announced two appointments to its leadership team, including Bravura Solutions’ Emma Napier as chairperson. 

“The aim for the foundation is to bring a wave of fresh, innovative and authentic advice firms who can offer a range of different options for clients,” Rabbets said. 

“We couldn’t do this without the support and collaboration we’ve had from our lead partner Parmenion and our supporting partner Royal London, who both firmly believe in investing in the future of finance.”

As part of the programme, each participant will also be matched with a mentor throughout and will be able to access some administrative support from the Verve Foundation’s ‘We Are Change’ students.

The programme is currently open for applications and has a capacity for ten participants in the first intake. There is no cost involved with completing the programme.