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Join us on FTAdviser's new comments section

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Join us on FTAdviser's new comments section
FTAdviser's new comments section will be powered by Coral.

FTAdviser has teamed up with a new commenting provider to bring back our popular 'comments section' for our readers.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the soft-launch of our revised commenting section this week.

Registered users of FTAdviser can once again read, respect and respond to our journalists - and to each other - in the new-look comments section underneath each article. 

As editor, it has been truly encouraging to read your emails and letters over the period since the pandemic, and sharing your thoughts and views, through our award-winning content, with your fellow advisers.

While we have been modernising and refreshing the website to improve your user experience, we were careful to spend time choosing a great commenting partner in Coral - which also provides the commenting facility for the Financial Times.

I know you asked for a great new commenting system - and we listened, so we are pleased to bring back this functionality to FTAdviser, with much-improved usability and clearer guidelines around posting and responding to comments made by our journalists and your fellow professionals.

Registered users will be able to receive notifications when an FTAdviser journalist or commenter interacts with you; the ability to download your comment history and to share comments and discussions.

Clever AI will also work to screen out bots and toxic posts.

If you are a registered user, you will have been randomly assigned a display name which you can keep, or you can change it by visiting the "My Account" page of your website (there is a link to this above each commenting section).

You can read the community guidelines here, and the terms and conditions here.

All of us at team FTAdviser look forward to hearing from you and engaging with even more of you in the comments section. 

Happy commenting!

Simoney Kyriakou,

Editor, FTAdviser