RegulationMay 10 2013

Energy and postal watchdog changes name

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ByIona Bain

The consumer minister said the revamp was necessary to reflect a new focus on dealing with small issues pre-emptively before they become industry-wide problems. The main areas it deals with are energy, postal services and, in Scotland, water.

The agency’s previously-announced integration into Citizens Advice won’t be affected by the name change and will still take place in April 2014.

Ms Swinson said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of Consumer Futures today. It is a vital element of the simpler and clearer consumer landscape that we have been setting up over the last year.

“We recognise that consumers have faced increased pressure on their spending from the rising costs of energy, water and postal services in recent years. That is why the work of Consumer Futures will be crucial to making sure that these markets work in the consumer’s interest.

Mike O’Connor, chief executive of Consumer Futures, said: “Our new name reflects the job that consumers need us to do in the most essential markets. Today’s problems need to be addressed, but our role is to look ahead to the potential for problems down the line. We have to turn off the tap before we need to mop up the flood.”