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Guide to Income Protection



    This guide will explain how to sell income protection, tackling objections to taking out a policy and the regulatory requirements for recommending a product.

    Answers supplied by Tom Baigrie, chief executive of protection-specialist financial adviser LifeSearch; Martin Noone, distribution director for retail protection at Legal & General; and Mark Anders, director of sales and marketing for individual protection at Friends Life.

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    1. According to Mr Baigrie, which of the following do most ‘proper’ protection advisers mean by ‘income protection’?

    2. How long does ‘short-term’ protection typically last?

    3. Which of the following could reduce the benefit payable from an income protection policy?

    4. What does Mr Baigrie suggest an adviser do if they are uncomfortable tackling a client’s objections to protection?

    5. What proportion of protection benefit policies submitted using Legal & General’s underwriting system receive a decision at point of sale?

    6. And of the remainder, what does Mr Noone quote as the timeframe to underwrite and approve a large proportion?

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