More consumers to seek non-NHS healthcare: poll

A poll

Some 48 per cent also believed that the state would be unable to sustain NHS spending in its current format, with the concern rising to 57 per cent for those aged 55 or above.

Asked whether they would consider alternatives to traditional private medical insurance, 50 per cent said they would be prepared to think about buying products or services to cover the shortfalls in NHS provision about which they worry most.

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A further 41 per cent of consumers said they would (definitely or possibly) consider such products, while 9 per cent have already purchased cover.

Chris Jones, head of product management at FirstAssist, said: “Our report is further proof that many people accept the NHS cannot continue in its present form, and consumers are becoming increasingly anxious about the changes taking place and what it means for them and their families.

“There is growing evidence that consumers have a real appetite to take greater control of their and their families’, healthcare and not rely wholly on the public sector.”