Partnership in bid to open up renewable energy for advisers

The managing director of Intelligent Partnership said the collaboration would see the firm’s accredited training on the evolving asset class made available to participating advisers, with investment in renewable energy offering a “good predictable income”.

He said: “Abundance Generation isn’t simply another social impact or crowdfunding investment.

“Because the investment is based on UK renewable energy products, it is much easier to understand than peer-to-peer opportunities and is closer to what advisers might advise on.

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“With the government feed-in tariff, renewable energy offers a good, predictable income, inflation-beating performance and the opportunity of placing in a Sipp.”

The platform has placed more than £3m of renewable energy investment since it launched last year, with a further £7m of new projects planned by the end of 2013.

Investors secure twice yearly cash payments from the crowdfunding investment, made up of capital and a share of the profits made by the project generating renewable energy.

Mr Tolhurst added: “Abundance’s renewable energy investment offers market-level returns, a hedge against inflation and additional diversification. For these reasons we think they represent a new and exciting option for financial advisers and their clients.”

Adviser View

Dean Clifford, adviser for Gloucestershire-based Go IFA, said: “After a period of my own research and due diligence I do now feel comfortable recommending these types of crowdfunding projects to my clients. It gives them something that they can jump in the car to go and see, an investment that they understand and, above all, offering a long-term income stream linked to inflation on a fixed or variable basis.”

Key figures

2012 launch of the platform

£3m of renewable energy investment already placed

£7m more new projects planned by the end of 2013.